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  • Multiform  v.1.0Multiform allows creation of Web Applications by defining their processes and business objects in a declarative XML-based language. It's made of a Javascript framework and an XSL compiler to get the application skeleton from the ...
  • TouTouJS  v.0.1.2.alphaTouTouJS is a javascript framework which provides a cross-browser toolkit and advanced and interactive GUI objects. It is designed to be used in either simple or complex web sites and applications (web 2.0, Ajax, DHTML and CSS extension, ...
  • XGun  v.beta2XGun is a modular, Object-Oriented JavaScript framework designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer. It allows you to write powerful, flexible code with its speediness, well documented, and java-model ...
  • XQuiD  v.1.0xQuiD is a RIA framework formed by two complementary projects: A JavaScript framework to build RIA easier, and a free WYSIWYG Eclipse Plugin wich can be used to improve your ...
  • ZZ Web Application Platform  v.0.7.0A platform for web sites and services that require solid support for rich user interfaces in a fail-safe and scalable architecture. It consists of a frontend Javascript framework (also usable stand-alone) and a backend PHP/MySQL ...
  • Wyjibo  v.1.0Wyjibo is a javascript framework for writing complex web apps.
  • AFrame  v.1.0A JavaScript framework for running template-based JavaScript applications in the browser.
  • ABD Calendar  v.1.0ABDCalendar is a javascript framework for those that want to display a calendar in their webpages. It supports a month view and a daily view. You can add events or show them on the schedule.
  • IRFramework  v.1.0JavaScript framework for Oracle's Hyperion/EPM Interactive Reporting. Many of the shortcomings of the Hyperion IR scripting can be overcome with custom script. Let's build it together.
  • IDA Intelligence Data Analytics  v.1.0IDA intelligence data analytics is an application framework for analysing intelligence data using php and javascript web application frameworks. The PHP framework is based on KohanaPHP and the Javascript framework is based on JQuery.
  • Subscription form  v.1.0subform is an add-on to PHPList. It provides a javascript framework for adding a subscription form to an existing page and displaying the results in a javascript generated window. This framework was written to be easily extended to other applications.
  • JS2J  v.1.0Java-JavaScript framework that supports mapping of objects from Java to JavaScript and vice-versa using the AJAX technique. This framework also implements server-side pushing of objects to the browser (Comet, Reverse AJAX, ...).
  • Enterprise Maps  v.1.0This is Ajax front - end J2EE & Javascript framework for WMS and other maps. The goal of this project is to make maps development for your project as simple as possible. The implementation is based on the JS framework OpenLayers.
  • AcrylicJS  v.1.0AcrylicJS is a Javascript framework specially designed for high-quality web app development. Provides, among another features, UI, Message Bus (with server push). Formerly known as 'TUIC', AcrylicJS now has gone LGPL. We're accepting ...
  • JAX  v.1.0Javascript Application ArchiteXture is a javascript framework for creating complex, data driven desktop-like web applications that rival desktop applications in functionality, flexibility and versatility.
  • NExtJS  v.1.0ExtJS is a duo-licensed Javascript Framework that distributes its code under the GNU v3 to other GPL v3 projects. NextJS is a free-software project under the GPL v3 license. The N is for NExtJS.
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