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Archetype Javascript Framework  v.0.10.0

Archetype is an Entreprise Javascript Framework. Get documentation at

Easy Javascript Framework (EJF)  v.1.0

Easy Javascript Framework (EJF) is a very simple framework to help people to develop applications using Javascript.There are a lot of javascript framework nonetheless our objective is to provide a documentation of each javascript function like

Figment JavaScript Framework  v.1.0.0

A simple, yet powerful JavaScript framework that can help you build Web 2.0 applications. The framework is seperated into modules in order to reduce download

Nano JavaScript framework  v.1.0

nano is a light-weight JavaScript framework for building rich UI in web applications. Its highly extensible design lets you easily add your own functionality to the API with plugins. Visit for more

Sabia JavaScript Framework  v.1.0

Sabia is a javascript MVC framework designed to be toolkit agnostic and productive.

Spark JavaScript framework  v.1.0

Spark is a tool set which can give you a lot of options to your web app/site. DOM handlers, Ajax utilities, cool widgets, visual effects, form tools, UI components and more stuff. So you can easily build a complete and lightweight front-end interface.

JSAX JavaScript Abstractions for X(HT)ML  v.20060317

JSAX - JavaScript Abstractions for X(HT)ML This is a JavaScript framework which is compatibel with the latest versions of Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror(+safari) and

MPagesJS JavaScript Library  v.1.0.rc2

mPagesJS is a JavaScript Framework that provides a core interface into all client-side functionality within Cerner Millennium Pages - MPages. mPagesJS makes MPage development quicker and

Simple Javascript Spreadsheet  v.1.0

An OpenSource Javascript Spreadsheet project based on Qooxdoo javascript framework. This component is also a part of X4View Java Framework (see

JavaScript Development Kit  v.1.0

JTDK(JavaScript Development Kit) is a javascript framework, alias as JSDK.

JAST - Javascript Toolkit  v.1.0

JAST (Javascript Toolkit) is an Open Source cross-platform javascript framework that aid users to perform the most hard operations with few simple lines of code.It's modularity allow the download only for the code required to the page.

AONIC Framework  v.1.0

AONIC JavaScript Framework designed primarily for asynchronous push communication with back-end servers (comet). Python back-end examples included, as well as a basic JavaScript effects library, and ActionScript source for handling the active connections

Framework 2.0  v.1.0

Framework 2.0 is a JavaScript Framework that allows to create Web-Applications based on components. Components are Services which run indepenently on the clients browser. Web-Applications are composed by combining serveral Services.

Lick Javascript Library  v.1.0

The Lick Javascript framework, is a Javascript/Dom/Ajax and widget framework aimed at simplifying the process of creating we applicatios, it has a very light memory footprint and a robust api Base

PFAST - just a PHP Framework  v.1.0

PHP & JavaScript Framework used to build webistes/web applications

DracMail Webmail  v.0.2.0.beta

dracMail is a webmail interface built using PHP, ExtJS (JavaScript framework), MySQL and IMAP. Features include: Rich UI, WYSIWYG editor, HTML mail composing and message

Jquery4jsf  v.2

jQuery4jsf is a JSF(JavaServer Faces)component library that uses the power of the jQuery javascript framework. These JSF(JavaServer Faces)components have the added value of jQuery which allows the end user to realize its application in a fast and

JSPackaging  v.2.1

JSPackaging is a JavaScript framework that provides simple directives for defining, loading & importing uniquely named packages of JavaScript modules. UPDATE: This project now exists as Ajile at &

MathJax  v.1.0

MathJax is a modular javascript framework for including mathematics in web pages. It can take input in various formats, like TeX and MathML, and can produce output in various forms, such as MathML or HTML-with-CSS. Components are loaded as

Multiform  v.1.0

Multiform allows creation of Web Applications by defining their processes and business objects in a declarative XML-based language. It's made of a Javascript framework and an XSL compiler to get the application skeleton from the

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